Direct Mailing

The reports that the current direct mail response rate is between 1-3%. The response rate for USB mailers is estimated to be 23%, as users are more likely to respond due to the ease of using the USB card.

Response Tracking

With many direct mail campaigns, it is difficult to measure the response rate. Since the USB card is equipped with a unique code, you know who has viewed the marketing materials, and your sales team can then follow up with the client.

Consistant Branding

The USB mailer can be created into any shape or design you want. The mailer itself is also customized with your brand identity. And finally, the link to the web page. All of these components join together to reflect your brand and messaging.


Create both multiple choice and textual response surveys.
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Drive Traffic

Direct customers to any URL after completion.
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Tools and Reporting

View data on screen or in XML & Excel formats.
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Reliable Data

Safeguard against multiple submissions.
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